Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hummingbird - My first Hummer

One day in the mid of September 07, I was sitting on the deck of my new home , which was in the middle of renovation. A strange, tiny, greenish, grasshopper sized flying object quickly showed up in front of me within a distance I could almost reach it by stretching my arms. This fast moving, flying object stayed in the middle of the air for about 5 or 6 second and with a blink of my eyes, it turned around and zoomed away. At that very moment, I  “froze” and tried to stare at it. I screamed “ It is a Hummingbird!!”

Later, I did not know what happened to me or what triggered me and I started investigating these tiny glittering birds. Hummingbirds are very territorial and they are “site fidelity” but they have personality (I am not sure about this term of ” personality”). A lot of time, human would come up with some conclusions for the things they like so much by adding “personality onto them” to make things they like become special to them. Or I could say for the benefit of our best interest. So I’d rather to study more about this bird before the truth come out.

However, the more I learned about hummingbirds, the more I became attached to them, their behavior and their “personalities”. I went to Georgia hummer society and some other websites to study this amazing creature. It reminded me how excited mom was when she told me she saw a hummingbird in front of her bedroom about the same time a year earlier (I was visiting my birth place oversea in September 06 and came back with mom that year. A note here: hummingbirds do not live in Asia or Europe. I am not sure why I will do more research on that). And, since I have never seen one and I doubted my mother when she told me.

These tiny, courageous birds migrate in fall to warmer areas, like Mexico, Costa Rica, South American countries and return in the next spring to north America. After reading several books and articles, I learned that Georgia, especially, is one of the southeast states might have Hummingbirds all year round. Places like southern California, Florida and Georgia would have birds stay here and we might have some “winter Hummers” come from other stated to stay here for winter. That means we can still put out Hummingbird feeders during winter and in such a way, hopefully, we can attract more western species to call Georgia home.--Linda

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