Sunday, September 23, 2007

Feeding Hummingbird

I decided to welcome these tiny birds to my home and my backyard. Not sure if they are still around or if they are on their way migrating to the south. One guy (from internet site) said that he put out the bird feeder and did not see any hummingbird at all. The reply to his answer is some time you have to wait one or two seasons for them to discover your feeders since there are not that many around. On Friday afternoon I put one feeder out and just wanted to see if I got any bird in our backyard. I was lucky enough that I only waited about 10 minutes, the first bird showed up and zoomed in the feeder. I could feel she (I was very sure she was a young female Ruby throated Hummingbird) enjoyed the nectar I prepared for her. My heart started getting delighted and I could not describe how happy I was that day....

Now, days get dark quickly in the east and I can not wait to see her again in the morning. One more thing I have to note here is Hummingbirds are very territorial and they will protect their food source by chasing other intruders away. So I am sure I will see the same bird again. I have also learned that the male bird will share his food with other females if they have mated with him. It is so interesting. But, these male birds have long gone to the south. I am sure I will not miss them again next year. -- Linda

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