Thursday, October 15, 2009

Arrival and Departure Dates for Georgia Birds

When I started my Master Birder's certification offered by Atlanta Audubon Society, I found this list (created by Ornithologist Georgann Schmalz) was very useful. It helped me to pay more attention for the birds in my backyard or when I was out birding at different locations. I would suggest every birder should print it out or pass it around to others. The advantages I found by using this list are:

1. Check the list before the next month comes, so you know what birds might come to your backyard or area. For example, you can prepare to put out nectar feeder for Hummingbird when they return in the early spring. Or, you can put out suet feeder in winter for insect-eating birds, such as Woodpeckers ( such as Downy, Hairy, Red-bellied or Pileated), nuthatches, Chickadees and Grosbeaks.

2. As a new birder, this list will help you to identify birds at different months. Many immature birds look alike and this list will reassure you that at certain season/month the bird you see is actually a mature bird rather an immature bird of same kind. For example, Dark-eyed Junco's juvenile is much like a sparrow. But you will only see the mature bird in Winter since Juvenile are only seen in the breeding ground and rarely seen elsewhere.

3. Study the list ahead before the field trip will also help you to identify the birds in that area.

See link at Arrival and departure dates of Georgia birds (list is composed by Georgann Schmalz)

One more thing, if you spot a bird at your area with different earlier arrival or later departure date, please contact Georgann Schmalz at Birding Advanture Inc or so we all can help to keep this list updated.
-- Linda

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