Monday, January 11, 2010

Thousands of Ring-billed Gulls at Buford Dam, Georgia

During the first snowy weekend we had in new year, I stopped by Buford Dam, Forsyth County on Sunday. It was a freezing cold, clear sky day and thousands of Ring-billed Gulls gathered at the dam area. They did not care too much about this cold winter we had here. All they want is a good meal at the lake and fly for freedom. I hope this sneak preview can motivate people to go out chasing this beautiful nature.

I have hard time to "visual" some folks' posts when they try very hard to tell others the species they have observed at different location of various counties or at a birding hot spot. In Georgia alone, we have 159 counties! It would be hard for any one not from the area to "picture" the area and not to mention to chase the birds. So I thought it would be a good idea to show others the exact locations where I spotted these birds.

If you ever want to come to Buford Dam to see these spectacular gulls, I hope this map could be a good tour guide for you. Readers can one-click on the blue balloon sign to see the species I observed at Buford Dam during this visit. --- Linda

View Buford Dam, Lake Sidney Lanier in a larger map

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