Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bluebirds Reunion at Birdbath

At around 3:30PM  this afternoon, I was caught by a reflection on my glass table, a huge flying bird. It turned out to be a Turkey Vulture. I thought it might be a time for me to take a break. As I returned with my binocular and camera, I saw two birds at birdbath. I put on my binocular and found out they were a pair of Eastern Bluebirds. Many birds came to my birdbath but I have never seen bluebirds come on board. I thought it would be fun if I could record what they did at birdbath. Surprisingly, four other blue birds flew over and it became an amazing scene.

After having fun with these many bluebirds, I started concentrating and hoped to find some winter birds. I was luckily spotted three Yellow-rumped Warblers, two Blue-headed Vireos, one Brown Creeper (2nd time of this year), one Hermit Thrush, few White-throated Sparrow (see photo to left....coming soon), Song Sparrows and many woodpeckers and of course, my common yard birds of Northern Cardinals, Brown Thrushers, Eastern Towhees and Blue Jays.

Eastern Bluebird, once an endangered species back in mid of 20th century, was conserved by a group of enthusiastic birders when they erected many nesting boxes and monitored them closely. Since bluebirds normally don't come to feeder, the easiest way to attract them to your backyard is to install a Bluebird nesting box.  Bluebirds might not come right away. But be patient and you will find some amazing outcomes. I have written an earlier blog, How to Make A Bluebird House, and I hope you will find it informative.

Happy Birding!

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