Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pine Warbler at deck

On my way out for birding with a friend, he screamed "Linda, turn your  head slowly towards deck.....there is a warbler". My camera is always on the move and set steadily on its tripod. Within few seconds, I snapped this picture of male Pine Warbler.

As I document birds seen through out Simorgh Garden (my own garden and backyard with few small habitats I created), there are few will stay here for winter. Pine Warbler (Dendroica pinus) is an eastern pine woodland bird and can be seen through out the year (in the southeaster region of USA). They are mainly arthropods eaters but they also eat some seeds. They are the only warbler will consume a large quantities of seeds, usually pine seeds. Some friends said they will come to their suet feeder all year round. To me, they only show up on deck to show off their beautiful plumage when they are tired of those worms on the pine trees we are blessed to have so many. Later when I showed some of this Pine Warbler's pictures to another friend, my friend told me "Look at him, he has a pair of golden feet!" And I was amazed by his observation.

Their scientific name describes their habitat: dendron (a tree), oicos (inhabitants) and pinus (a pine tree). Pine warblers prefer mature jack pine and pitch pine woodlands, mixed with hardwoods. Most of them winter in the south and southeastern of United States.

Their number is increasing according to The Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Happy Birding!                                                                      --Linda


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  1. Wonderful image!! I have had them come and snack on the suet they are so colorful and I love the song too! I never noticed the feet!! HOW COOL.

  2. Yes, Dixxe. How beautiful they are. Most North America warblers are migratory. I am so glad Pine Warblers stay in Georgia to accompany me this winter.

  3. Great Capture! I am just beginning to see them here in NW GA.

  4. Jean, thanks! Based on my ebird checklist of this year, I have seen or heard Pine Warbler almost every month except in the month of June I was out of town almost the entire month. I have documented 10 observation checklists during the month of September. That was the time when I saw them high on pine trees and heard them singing out loud :D

  5. Boom and I have not seen any of these guys-N.Ont Canada- but according to your map we should.Great photo and essay. Gary & Boom of the Vermilon River.

  6. Gary,
    I am gald that you and Boom liked "my" Pine Warbler. Pay attention on top of the pines and that's the place you most likely will find them foraging ;^D

    One more thing, if you put out a suet cake, they will come by!


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