Thursday, December 9, 2010

463 Miles!

I got a report from Charlie Muise (Atlanta Audubon IBA Coordinator) yesterday saying he caught and banded A Northern Saw-whet Owl in his own yard. This courageous owl originally was banded in Virginia and flew 463 miles and landed in Georgia 32 days later. I am very touched by Charlie's report and would like to share this news with readers. Charlie Muise is a master bird bander and also a Georgia IBA Coordinator. We are all doing what we have to do for protecct our feathered friends and their habitats all because we are inspired by them! Thanks for the hard work done by many people like Charlie!

(Image is kindly provided by Charlie Muise)

The following report sent by Charlie
"The bird I caught last Tuesday, December 2, was banded by Zig Zeigenfus 2 miles North of Bergton, VA Rockingham County. Not as impressive as the bird that flew here from Ontario, but then we don't know where this bird started out. But still pretty neat for a 90 gram bird. That is 14.5 miles per day of overall travel, if we make the silly assumptions that the bird traveled every day, and flew in straight lines. How many of you have traveled 14.5 miles per day for 32 days under your own power? Over that time, the bird apparently lost 6 grams of fat, as it weight 96 grams when Zig caught her, and 90 when I had her."

View Dynamic map of e-bird sighting here!

To learn how are IBAs chosen, current conservation programs in your area, find out who are involoved and how you can get involved to help your local birds and wildlife, please check the following links. As of 2009, nearly 11,000 sites in some 200 countries and territories have been identified as Important Bird Areas.

Important Bird Areas (IBAs):
African Important Bird Areas
America Important Bird Areas
   Tropical Andes Important Bird Areas
   Neotropical Migratns in the Tropical Andes
Asian Important Bird Areas
European Important Bird Areas
Middle Eastern Important Bird Areas
Pacific Important Bird Areas
   Fiji Important Bird Areas
Antarctic Important Bird Areas
Marine Important Bird Areas

Happy Birding!


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  1. Really fascinating story, and photo. Boom & Gary of The Vermilon River.

  2. We are all inspired by our feathered friends!

    Happy birding!


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