Friday, December 3, 2010

Frozen bird bath

It was a cold Friday morning but birds got warm up as soon as sun rays passed through my backyard forest. First calls I heard was few Carolina Chickadees. There are four chickadees call my backyard home and I see them everyday and they are also the first ones call for breakfast. If you pay attention, you can find out that they love to drink some water before flying to feeders. But this morning, I just did not see them coming. Odd, I thought. As I stepped on deck and ready to replace with fresh water and I got my answer. All my bird bath and small dishes of water got frozen and no wonder they had hard time to eat.

(Eastern Bluebird on ice)

(Icy bird feeder)
Last night (12/2/2010) we had a frozen temperature of 28 F in north Georgia and I missed our warm days in November (around 70F-80F). Georgia is a place with many trees, lakes and forest and we have a moderate humid summer and cool winter. We barely have frozen temperature in December. But, these days we have to pay much attention since we might get frozen during the nights. As soon as I dumped the ice and replaced with fresh water, phoebes, chickadees, titmice, wrens, and even Song Sparrow showed up.

(Song Sparrow on ice)

Happy Birding!
-- Linda

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