Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Garden: February Bloom

Here in the south, we have few very chilly days but barely have any snow. With the climate changing, Georgia had first white Christmas in December since 1882. When snow melted in January, the first thing I noticed was a White-tail Buck. As I followed him slowly and tried to take some pictures, I noticed something else also poping up - a life! Hundreds of Daffodils were germinating with hugs of sun rays.


(New branch from Everygreens)

Since we really don't get as much snow comaring to people live in further north, I love and cherish the snowy days and icy moment even more. I took these two pictures (see below) in a very early morning hour just right before they evaperated. It was very cold at around 28F and I was lying on the ground with a big jacket underneath my body. I now welcome new spring but I do miss snow very much!

If you live anywhere but near equator, you will experience some kind of "winter". For most people, winter is a cold, colourless and lifeless months. But I embrace this dorment season. Because life is just under your feet and buried beneath a bed of snow. Every thing has it's cycle even the four seasons. We rest and then we reborn. Mother nature is here everyday to teach us lessons, lessons to revitalize, lessons to enjoy and lessons to celebrate. Soon new life will be knocking your five senses even before you know it. --- Linda


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  1. Lovely! You have your own style and I love it!

  2. Thanks Pekka! As you know I am still learning to master my new gears...but I try to snap something beautiful from my little garden and I hope snow is melting over where you live and I will see some flora shots from you soon:)


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