Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Garden: March bloom

How can I love birds so much without loving flowers and trees. I planted 100+ Tulip bulbs last fall and planted 10 different flowers in the end of February and I hope soon their bloom will decorate my garden for bees, butterflies and hummingbirds' visit!

(First Tulip shot from my garden in the mid of March)

I try to collect as many blooms as possible and make them into a monthly collection of plants and flowers. I recall spending almost all afternoon in a cool October afternoon last year and digging the stone-hard ground to plant Tulip bulbs....and I watered them for the next consecutive two weeks and made sure they will germinate.....When I took this picture of my first Tulip just few days ago, my effort was completely paid off and her beautiful smile is more than any reward I have received... so precious and priceless. I hope you enjoy my garden as much as I do!

(First Daffodils and I am blessed to have so many of them dacing around my front garden)

(Japanese Magnolia, a tree grows flowers first and then leaves)

(Dandelion....make a wish when you see their seeds)

Finally, my pink Camillia (photo above) is blessed with the spring rain we had last week and blooming all over my garden. I hope you enjoy this collection of my garden. As months go by, I hope you will stop by often to check out my monthly collection of flowers.....all from my own garden and backyard!

----- Linda -----


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  1. Very beautiful flowers and very good photos! You relly have "a green thumb"! :)

  2. Thanks Pekka! I found out it's much easier to deal with nature and flowers than dealing with people and other things :) Flowers don't ask too much and they only need sunshine, water and love....what I do is to sing for them:)


  3. That's very true, Linda :)

  4. Can i comment? :DDD
    I know u been waiting for me :DDD
    Beautiful n wonderful ...Keep up

  5. Thanks Macro Gears! I will keep up if my flowers keep up with me :)) Have a great day!



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