Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Atlanta Audubon 2011 Photography Contest Winners

I was honored to be asked by Atlanta Audubon Society (AAS) Photo Contest Committee Chair, David Cree, to make a video presentation for all the winners of this year's photo contest. This video was first played in AAS's photo contest reward ceremony on Sunday of 4/10/2011. Do you know the first three winners in each category get a cash prize? If you miss this opportunity this year, make sure you send in your pictures next year. If you love birds and wildlife...(that's why you are looking at this video, I hope), why don't you share your beautiful work to all birders and nature lovers just like yourself?

I welcome your comment and suggestion and drop me a line or two....and please, remember to submit your beautiful photos next year...the due date is in the mid of March. Check AAS website at http://www.atlantaaudubon.org/



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  1. I'm kinda disappointed. I think the photos should be limited to shots taken in Georgia.

  2. Very nice job Linda. Look forward to seeing this year's entries.

    Bob B

  3. Steve,
    Well....I think the rule of this year's competition is for North American Birds and Wildlife. I will definitely pass your suggestion to AAS photo committee! Have a great birding day!


  4. Bob,

    Thank you very much! Remember to send in your beautiful bird photo for 2012 competition!


  5. Fantastic photographs, and a wonderful presentation. Thanks.

  6. Thanks Bob for your kind words!du


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