Thursday, June 16, 2011

What is happening in My Garden....

Pollen (photo to the left is the pollen on my deck) count is in its high peak during the months of April and May. Many people live in the south have severe allergy problem due to various pollens from trees and flowers. I am blessed not having this problem and the only thing I really enjoy of doing is to snap flowers wherever I go.

Hummingbird is one of my most beloved species. So not only do I put out many hummingbird feeders throughout my garden and backyard, I planted many inviting flowers only to hope these hummers can stay for a little longer. What a silly idea of mine! And we all know, all North America hummingbirds are migratory. No matter how wonderful and how beautiful your garden is, they will leave for south when days become shorten in fall...and that is also the time I get a little depressed....Watching hummingbirds come and go makes my boring life not as humdrum any more. That even makes me realize that every thing we see in nature is co-evolved with others. Can an apple tree grow apples without bees, wasps, butterflies, and moths? Charles Darwin, a 19th century English naturalist, who based on his evolutionary theory on observations of orchid pollination, predicted that this large, ivory-colored flower must be pollinated by a moth with a proboscis long enough to reach the nectar at the bottom of the tube. His theory was proven to be right that a hawk moth with a 12-inch-long proboscis was found on Madagascar 40 years later and named Forma.

So as I write here, not to get you guys bored and I hope you all get my point. While advancing our own life on this planet, we need to always think twice and make wise decisions  from cutting down a tree in your backyard, spread commercial-made herbicide and pesticide to your lawn, to a much larger scale of offshore drilling. Then ask yourself these questions: is that tree I am going to cut down is a nest for a Great-honed Owl (if you want to know, yeah, they reuse their nest year after year)? Then ask again...when I spread my lawn with various weed killers and I will have the greenest grass in my neighborhood....but do I send more contaminants to our drinking water? And, do I deprive food source for song birds who depending on seeds for living? Further more, can offshore drilling solve our energy problem forever? How about taking the risk of oil-spilt into ocean? Or we should try to drive less, move closer to our work and maybe even ride a bike or walk to office....

If everyone gives few minutes of thought, and makes small change if you can, ... we will soon have a greener planet.
---- Linda


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  1. Linda, I also get a bit depressed when the Hummers leave in Fall. At least we in the South enjoy them for a long period than our Northern Friends.

    I agree with your "questions". Sure wish everyone would think about how they are affecting Nature and her critters.

  2. Thanks Jean for your kind comment! Have a great 4th July holiday weekend!


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