Friday, September 2, 2011

My Favorite bird, Ruby-throated Hummingbird!

Every year during the month of August and September, I got a lot of hummers stopped by my backyard. Males starts migrating to central and south America in September. Females and juveniles are the last ones to leave. They linger around until the end of October. The fact is that even you continuously provide them food source, in this case, nectar (I made specially for them with one part of white sugar and 4 parts of distilled water), they will still leave. That is their nature.

I'm blessed with warm winter down in south. Form time to time, we get some winter hummers such as Rufus Hummingbirds stay here for winter. It's recommended to leave your nectar feeder outdoor even after October since migrating hummers rely on this food source when there is not much flowers around. If you are like me, leave nectar out during winter, make sure you use a plastic bottle in stead of a glass one because an icy day might break your glass bottle (this happened to me once and I learned my lesson).

I have written other posts regarding hummingbirds. Click the following links for some fun facts about them and I hope you enjoy! Happy Birding! -- Linda

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  1. Linda, Whoa...this photo is breathtaking!
    Excellent tip about using a plastic bottle feeder in winter.
    Happy Birding!

  2. Thanks Jean! I am glad you found some of my tips helpful :) Can not wait to see some of fall migrating birds...Have a great weekend!


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