Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Story Time: A torn bucket

From time to time, I would like to share stories I read or heard with you. So, are you ready? If you are, relax and get yourself a cup of tea or coffee and let me begin ...

In a rural country side of China, there lives this young woman. Every day she has to walk half mile to bring water to her home. In order to reduce her load, she has this bamboo-made carrying pole upon her shoulders with one bucket at each end of pole. One of the buckets is torn and has a crack on it. So by the time she reaches her home there is only half bucket of water left. She continuously carries water and walks half mile each day for the next two years... One day, that torn bucket suddenly starts talking to her and says " I am an old and torn bucket. Why don't you get rid of me and replace with a good bucket without any crack just like the other one you have?" Young woman smiles and replies.....(see below)

(Autumn color of a pasture near my home

Young woman looks at her torn bucket and says " Have you noticed thousands of flowers along one side of road we walk by everyday?" Bucket raises his eyes and replies "Oh, yes! They are so beautiful but why only flowers grow at one side of road?" Woman holds her torn bucket and with a tender smile says "two years ago, I noticed you have a crack, I decided to get some flower seeds and throw them along the road on your side. As days go by, I pick some flowers put them inside you. I then display these beautiful flowers on my table. You have a crack, but to me, you are the most precious thing I have in this world!

Try to look at good and positive side of things and people around you. If you have a perfect bucket, make a good use out of it; and if you happen to have a cracked one, no need to be disappointed because maybe it's a reason for you to learn how to love more! The 1st pic was taken when I was riding my bike at a near by park and I also threw some flower seeds there ... Happy birding and enjoy this beautiful autumn --- Linda


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  1. Lovely story with an important message, Linda.

  2. Thank you Jean! I would like to write more stories and I hope you visit me soon :)


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