Tuesday, December 27, 2011

112th Annual Christmas Bird Count - Day 1

I will be on the road for Audubon Annual CBC - Christmas Bird Count, for next few days! This is 112th CBC! I am very excited. I can not tell you guys where I am going but it is a very cool place and I hope to bring you back some surprises! I will update my status via my site here....So follow me! 
12/27/2011 -Preparation
1. Charge all camera, video camera and cell phone batteries. Bring extra rechargeable batteries for my flashlight and camera speedlite.
2. Lubricate all my cameras, lenses and tripod put them in my NG backpack...Oh, my binoculars too..this is the most important gear for my trip! Wow...it's heavy :)
3. Not sure about the weather, it's an exotic, warm place but it might rain. So I need to take my rain coat and sunglasses with me.
4. Some light shirts and pants with my favorite hiking boots, a pair sandals in case I can not resist water ..
5. My National park pass and Us Army Corps of Engineers pass.
6. Snacks, books, iPad...no no...I don't think I need that and you will find out why.
7. Oh, MY teddy bear and my baby owlet..they are coming with me too :) 
What else? Do I miss anything? ....I will be returning soon :) Linda


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  1. tell me why u bring your tripod ??
    r u intend to chase the bird with your long lense attached to the tripod .U should get a monopod n not a tripod ..it gives u too much of weight if u go for a few days ... ..i wish u good luck n pls dont complain tat u didnt bring your donkey :D

    tell me why u wun to bring your binocular since u oredi got your long lense to c the bird :D.... Tis is acceptable if u wun to bring along ... if if u can carry more weight ...

    at last tell me why u wun to bring your owlet? to be your informer? :D

    The finest Super Tweety

  2. hahaha...very good point, Super Tweety! My owlet is not my informer, he is my guardian! Please see post on 12/30/2011 :D


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