Friday, December 30, 2011

112th Annual Christmas Bird Count - Day 2

12/28/2011- Traveling to destination

It was a 5 and half hours trip and it took us 8 hours to get to where I'm supposed to be. Did I say us? Yeah! My annual park pass can take up to four passengers in one car. My driver, who also my cameraman, got flu and called off the trip at the last minute. So it ended up only me, Teddy (my bear) and "my precious"( he or she, is my baby owlet). You see, owls are not sexually dimorphic and it can take from 3 to 5 years for them to find their mate. "My precious" is only three months old  (Owl's Tale is coming up ....) and this is first field trip for baby owlet and we all got so excited and played too much on the road. That's why it took us 8 hours. Teddy snapped these pictures via a smartphone while I was driving at 80 mph :)

Teddy told me since human start cutting down more trees, deforestation causes more harm to wildlife and also might be a main reason for the decline of song bird population due to increased cowbird parasitism.
There is a tropical  aquarium inside a midway gas state.

I told Teddy human cut down trees for numerous reasons but they encourage residents growing more native trees and he feels comforting now :)

I love the "logo" on this camper :) Maybe our next trip will be taking a camper or RV!

We checked in our "tree house" just before dusk ... To be continued ....

Now, let me answer Super Tweety's questions: Why I bring my tripod? You are right that I should bring a monopod for my long lens. I so far, don't have one. But my tripod in this trip is not really for my camera. It's for my owlet.  "My precious" volunteered to watch my gears at night. That's great because this "tree house" we stay at is kind of away from civilization and owl is nocturnal ..So tonight he is my hero, my guardian! Tripod is where he stands :)

Why I bring my binocular?  I always bring extra bino just in case if it rains, I will not want to risk my camera. I could not afford if my camera caught flu! This is just an option for me. Most of ladies bring purses, I bring my bino like my purse ...You just never know I may spot a lifer on my way to a restaurant!

Finally, why I bring my owlet? Let me tell you why: 1) I couldn't find a baby sitter because the holidays. I will not be around for few days and owls only eat fresh food; 2) I am doing a nocturnal bird count and I think my owlet might help me to spot some of his own kind :) Seriously, my baby owlet begged me not to leave him home alone... and he promised me he behave and let's see!  Happy Birding! -- Linda

************************* To Be Continued ... *************************


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  1. Too hillarous post, but i love to read it .... i hope the owlet wit a seat belt on it coz he looks like riding a rocket on tat photo :D ....

    Super Tweety

  2. No seat belt in this precious can fly :D ..He is an owl!


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