Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Cactus:sequel

 I wake up first thing in the morning just want to see what happen to my flower pot. Christmas cactus is a slow growing, slow blooming plant. For the past few days, I tried to find a moment, the right moment to interpret this cactus.

Every living thing changes appearance every second, even the change is subtle. When changes happen, feeling and thought also get exchanged with or without us knowing. As I promised to the "silent guardian", this one is for you.  -- Linda


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  1. Thank you for the flower.Im happy, but still not the best.Sharpening and enhancement gotta pay more attention to it.I know bald eagle but i dont know what is albatross or wax wing.You must be mistaken me with someone that you missed.Keep shooting!

    Super tweety the dark knight

  2. Thank you Dark Knight for your suggestion n support. I'll snap more if my cactus doesn't strike :D A Tweety bird with a shield and a sword seems intriguing! You are right, I missed my friend...

  3. Dont worry, im sure your friend is watching you. Maybe he like me, a dark not want to be name.a silent watcher :)

  4. Yeah, I hope so! My friend, a Pro photographer, also my sifu, was the first person introduced me into the magic world of DSLR. I thank everything my friend helped and taught me. Im working on my sharpening skill and soon will post my next work.

  5. Linda, I love that macro shot of the bloom.
    Merry Christmas!ra

  6. Thanks Jean for your kind words! Marry Christmas to you too! Are you doing any CBC this year?


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