Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Cactus

Schlumbergera,  with a common name "Christmas Cactus" or "Crab Cactus", blooms from November through January. A friend of mine gave this plant to me about six years ago. It did not bloom last year and I thought something wrong with this cactus. Surprisingly, it blooms again this year. This friend moved oversea and we now seldom have contact. Maybe this plant is trying to send me a message ...

People and matters come and go in our life. Often time we don't pay much attention to them unless they are drastic. The truth is we don't realize how much we have missed until we lost them. Cherish every person in your life and appreciate their existence. Or one day we might wake up and find out the only thing left is a total eclipse of the heart! 

This is the last flower shot of this year. I hope everyone enjoy your friends, family and holidays! -- Linda


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  1. Bcos of the lighting it gives the flower a vibrant color.You can shoot better if you got a steady hands.Just my own opinion :)

    Super tweety with no legs :)

  2. Thanks Super Tweety! You just remind me something and I know what's the probem with this pic. Why a Tweety bird with no legs? As long as you have wings, you can still fly and snap ;)

  3. If i were you, i will move to the right side and shoot from a different angle, so that i can get rid of the shadow.Just my thought and no hard feeling.

    Super tweety chasing a bald eagle

  4. Thanks Super Tweety chasing a bald eagle! Maybe you want to be an eagle :)

    Actually, I snapped few more shots few days ago. I will post one only for you to see, tonight.


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