Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays!

This pair of boots have been with me since I was a mischievous teenager. They are my best companion everywhere I go.  We have been through a lot of hard time and good time. Stepping over running springs, chasing rainbows after summer storms, finding my way home through mystic autumn forest and keeping me warm and comfy while photographing my beloved winter birds. This picture was taken by a simple camera after  two hours of snow shoveling. To me, they are more than just a pair hiking boots, they are my memory albums.

No matter you are with your loved ones or alone in this holiday season, you are never alone.  Look around, you already have possessed more than anyone else in this world. One can only have more if we cherish  things we have, tangible or intangible, and I do! Happy holidays everyone! -- Linda


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  1. a story telling picture.wonderful nothing to says u got my

    Super tweety only true words

  2. Thanks Super Tweety for your nice words and support! My CBC collection is coming soon ...stay tuned :)

    Happy New Year!!


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