Saturday, December 10, 2011

Waterfowl - Episod 1

Gloomy weather finally turned to a cheerful morning! Few test shots were taken with my new telephoto lens. I love waterfowl and they are easy to get close to. When they stretch their wings wide open, that is the time I really understand what "freedom" stands for!

Canada Geese\
Few years back when I went to my first bird field trip, when everyone was searching song birds in the woods, this gigantic dark cloud suddenly covered our heads and it disappeared in a brief second just when we realized we did not have enough light with our binoculars. "It was a Great Blue Heron", one birder yelled with amusement. All of us started running towards the lake. I did not have camera with me that day but I never forgot that moment, my first meeting with this huge blue bird!

(Who is yelling at who ^^....Great Blue Heron is to the left , Mallards are to the right)

 (A female Mallard ...a shy one for sure)

As my adventure goes far and beyond, I would like to take you in this journey with me
 to "see" what my eyes "see".....
in the way that my mind "sees it"....
in the way that my heart "feels it"....  
Happy birding and happy reading! - Linda


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  1. Thank you for sharing a wonderful story, cant wait for the second part.Lense is ok but not perfect.No hard feeling, Post processing,composition and sharpening gotta pay more attention into it.


  2. Thanks Tweetie for your kind comment and suggestion! Please be patient, you will see me shine :DDD


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