Thursday, December 22, 2011

White-breasted Nuthatch

One main reason I really enjoy photographing birds during winter is because majority of trees are "naked". White-breasted Nuthatch (Sitta carolinensis, 5.75 in) is a very popular resident here. You can hear and see them all year round. They mainly eat invertebrates and nuts and love peanut butter! Summer time, they seldom come down to lowland since there is plenty of food around. Even with a good telephoto lens is hard to snap these guys in summer. They come to feeders and ground to forage during winter giving me a great opportunity to snap these gorgeous song birds. I hope you enjoy this image.  Click this link to hear various calls . I hope next time when you hear them, your camera is ready to snap. Now I need to go and fill in my peanut butter feeders! Yes, I hand-made many feeders myself.  Let's see who come to breakfast tomorrow :)

Click image to see on black

I hope soon I find his cousin, Brown-headed Nuthatch (4.5 in), a much smaller nuthatch, also a resident in the southeast. I hear them all the time, but they are so stubborn and not willing to come down. And they are very jumpy. Happy Birding! -- Linda


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  1. Linda, I really enjoyed your shot of the White-breasted. I only see them at my daughter's in Atlanta (go figure). Yet I do have the Brown-headed Nuthatches here in my small patch of woods. They are thriving and enjoying my bird cakes,sunflower seeds,and picking seeds from the pine-cones.
    I love these mites of the bird world!

  2. Well Captured Linda..

  3. i love it but u need to gives more DOF for next shooting.and the BG is a bit dull in colors..i believe u know what to do.Thank you ... i love it

    Super Santa Tweety

  4. Thanks Jean for your kind comment! I am praying to snap some Brown-headed :)

  5. Thanks Greg! Enjoy your day at the mountains! Hope you have an amazing find :)

  6. Thanks Santa Tweety for your kind words and suggestion! Glad you didn't jump this time :) I hope soon a "wow" from you!


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