Friday, January 6, 2012

Great Blue Heron

A father and his little boy stopped their bikes and took a break at this overlook where I did most of my photo shoot. As this heron flew by, the little boy screamed "daddy, daddy, look,  it's a crane! Daddy did not correct this boy and I was sure daddy did not know the difference. I could not help and started talking to the little guy and asked him "do you like birds?" He replied" yes, we have a lot of birds in our backyard, red and blue ones". I then said to the little boy "are you an early bird yourself? Do you wake up early?" Dad jumped in our conversation "Oh, yeah, he is the first person in our family wakes up everyone in the morning". I said to the man "that's great! Because maybe you guys should join our bird club's public bird walk ...." I told the little boy "It was a heron, a Great Blue Heron! When this bird stands up, he probable is taller than you :) Little boy then smiled and repeated after me "A heron, a Great Blue Heron"! Miky is four years old and I am looking forward to meeting him at one of Atlanta Audubon field trips! Happy Birding -- Linda


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  1. Beautiful photo,detail,colour and pose..well taken...

  2. Agree with Greg. I think that this pic is perfect in every way! Super cool work, Linda!

  3. Most Country Folks in the South call this bird a Crane.
    You did great in educating and encouraging a young birder.
    Outstanding photos of the Great Blue Heron!

  4. Thanks Greg for your kind words!

  5. Thanks Pekka for your kind comment!

  6. Thanks Jean for your kind words are you? Have you seen a lot of birds at mountains?

  7. oww.. nice shoot, Linda
    blue heron look so cool..

  8. Thanks my dear Nugra! This bird is the biggest heron in North America and it's about 4 feet tall and with a wing span of almost 72 inches (or 183 cm)! Great Blue Heron is a very interesting bird..I learned to be very patient when I am around them :)


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