Saturday, December 31, 2011

Royal Tern (Thalasseus maximus)

I took this shot of Royal Tern (click link to hear calls) from Jekyll Island on my way back from my this year's Christmas Bird Count. Nature and wildlife are calling! Are you listening, watching and exploring? 

 (Click image to view on black)

This is the last post of 2011! Hope everyone has a successful and prosperous new year! My New Year goal is to create more beautiful and memorable photographs! Happy Birding and Happy New Year! -- Linda

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  1. nice shot .love it .u need to take care of your composition ... tis my advise ...

  2. Looks great here Linda,well done and a happy new year to you for 2012

  3. Perfect shot Linda ! You're amazing.. I tried to catch these ones in Martinique but they were just passing by at full speed :D Could only snap the least ones, but both are very cute :) Welcome back and Happy New Year ^^

  4. Hi
    Great shot and this would make a great Christmas card!
    Ann - Rome

  5. Thanks Super Tweety! I m working on it :) Happy New Year!

  6. Thanks Greg! Happy New Year to you too! Looking forward to more pic of your mountain adventure!

  7. Thanks Sylvain! I am so happy to see you as soon as I return from my trip! I went to another short trip to day with one of my best birding friend! I snapped many pic for her and she loved! I will snap for you when we go birding next time :) Happy New Year!

  8. Hi Linda,
    Great pic....I hope that 2012 will bring you lots of birding opportunities...hugs and kisses,
    Marie D.

  9. Thanks Ann for your kind words! More pic to come :)

  10. Thanks my dear Marie! Your city is the heaven for birds! I am sure we will see each other very soon :) Gazillion you!

  11. i love, love, love this cute bird.
    look.. very flirtatious and seductive with her open ​​mouth hahaha.. so sexy like a Marlyn Monroe :))))

  12. Hahaha, hysterical...Nugraheni you really made my evening so wonderful by writing this funny comment! Now, every time I see Marlyn Monroe I will think what you said XD

    My dear Nugra..hope you have a wonderful Monday!


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