Friday, January 20, 2012

White-crowned Sparrow

White-crowned Sparrows (Zonotrichia leucophrys) breed in northern part of Canada (see range map below) and  few western states of United States. They winter mostly in lower 48 states. One interesting fact is that during migration, White-crowned Sparrows can fly 300 miles a night and stay awake for up to two weeks. Because the hot and humid weather in the south, I hardly see them in winter.

(White-crowned Sparrow, male ...Click image to enlarge)

I took this picture when I was at Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest  few weeks ago. First thing really caught my eyes were a flock of immatures and few females foraging on ground. They are friendly and don't seem get bothered much if there are people around them. Among all species, I also spotted White-throated Sparrows, Field Sparrows, House Sparrows, Savannah Sparrows and got a lifer, Green-tailed Towhee

A lot of places in the north have snow falling these days. That means more winter species will be arriving here. One thing I really want to photograph this season, is Fox Sparrow, a large sparrow with a heavily streaked reddish chest. Their appearance adds colors in this gloomy winter days. I always find something amazing when I am not looking for any thing particular. I am sure they are somewhere near me, I just need to hear them first. Have you found the bird you really want to see this winter? :) 

-- Stay warm and happy birding! -- Linda
(Range map)


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  1. his first impression give me is,i thought his a Harley biker! So cool wit stripes on his helmet ..So cute :DDDD Love it !!!!! Where his bike !!!!!
    Brooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!! :DDDD

    Super Tweety (SG)

    1. Hahaha...too funny comment! Thanks Super Tweety! His Harley is in California chasing chicks :DDDD

  2. Such a sweet looking bird! Great photo, Linda!

    1. Thanks Mimi :) In my region, among 30 different species of sparrows, White-crowned, White-throated (photo coming soon) and Fox Sparrows are my top 3 fv. Unfortunately, I can only see them in winter at certain habitats. Fortunately, there are not much leaves on tree and that makes photographing them not too hard as long as the photographer can stand the cold :D

  3. What a handsome bird Linda!- Bhavesh

    1. Thanks Bhavesh! ..More cute sparrows are coming ...They love cold...colder is better :)


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