Saturday, February 4, 2012

Red-tailed Hawk

On the way to Tybee Island, I snapped this immature Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) on highway 80 (see map below) just right before arriving my favorite birding spot, north end of Tybee Island. Driving at 70 mph and I could not help but pull over my car and snap this hawk from my car window. I kind of guessed that this would be his first meal of the day (it was about 9 AM) and he was patently scouting and watching this marsh area. One smart Black Vulture was perching at a low bush  and tried to get some left over. Unfortunately, due to the strong wind and bad angles, I was not able to photograph the vulture. I spent about 20 minutes with this hawk and he only looked around and did not make any move then I drove away to catch up with my shore birds. My hope is to post few of my favorite shots in the next few days. 

Click at the different placemark and you would be able to see what I saw on this coastal trip. I will update this map later as other posts become available.

View Tybee Island in a larger map

Planning to return to the island very soon and this time, I'm hoping to stay few days if weather permits so I can check few other birding spots nearby :) -- Happy Birding! -- Linda

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