Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Kinglets are very small birds and there are only two species in North America. Male Ruby-crowned Kinglet ( Regulus calendula..body length is about 4.25 in or 10.8 cm) has a fire-red crown on forehead and females and immature are lacking. They winter in the most part of southern United States and Mexico. Amazingly, their small body weight only about 0.25 oz (or 7g) and they still manage to find insects during icy winter. They nest in coniferous and deciduous forest and also high on top of pine and oak trees. Deforestation and human activity are the main cause to affect their breeding ground. I would like to remind everyone next time when you want to cut your backyard trees for a profit or for your firewood, you might need to rethink the impact for birds, wildlife and the health of earth. Cutting down trees only take few hours, but to regenerate a forest takes 30 to 50 years!

( Feb, 2012, Cochran Shoals units of Chattahoochee River NP)

Image of Golden-crowned Kinglet is coming soon...

I found this cool dynamic map from ebird allowing you to input your region to see any species range map. You can change date rang or input your zip code or area... Do you also know that ebird has gone internationally? So no matter where you are or which country you are in, submitting your sightings would be beneficial and  used towards research and tracking all our beloved birds by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. I hope you will try it out and remember, every little effort counts :) Happy Birding!! -- Linda

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