Thursday, February 16, 2012

Winter Wren

The first time seeing this Winter Wren (Troglodytes troglodytes) was when I birded with Iris Schumacher at Cochran Shoals Units of Chattahoochee River National Park, one of my favorite birding hot spots. This tiny stubby wren with only about 4 inches in body length but is energetic in voice. Considering my morning alarm clock is Carolina Wren (5.5 in or 14 cm in body length), Winter Wren (4 in or 10 cm in body length) is not shy to " speak out". Their amazing high-pitched thrills (click this link to hear some of their songs) will make you slow down your steps.  They like to stay low on ground and like to hide under bushes or leaves to stay out of sight. I snapped few shots of this wren near the river bank when I tried to take pictures of few Ruby-Crowned Kinglets.

(Winter Wren, Cochran Shoals units of Chattahoochee River NP, Feb, 2012 )

They nest in tree holes and they will use woodpecker's old nest to roost during cold winter days. And, they winter in the south and migrate to Canada to breed. It's also interesting to know that Winter Wren is the only wren out of 78 species to be found outside American continent, such as Asia and Europe. It would be fun to see them when I travel to those regions.  --Happy Birding! -- Linda

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