Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Butterfly Love

When someone like me love wild bird so much, I could not help but love everything can fly or lift in the mid of air. I could say I'm mesmerized by anything with "wings", from large aircraft, UFO, to small tiny flying insects. Butterfly is another my "winged collection". You would say who doesn't like butterfly. Sure! I get your point. But, do you know butterfly has very short life? They stay in their egg or chrysalis (pupa) form for a long time to spend over the winter or until the weather condition suitable for them to metamorphose into a butterfly. There is only from a week to one year lifespan during the adulthood.

Paper Kite or Rice Paper ..from Callaway Garden, Pine Mountain, GA
Click image to enlarge
Birth is the happiest moment in most people's life. But not in the case of butterfly. It will take from one to three hours for a newly emerged butterfly to pump blood into their wings and to dry them completely before taking their first flight. This is also the time which is most susceptible to predators. I guess life is not so easy even for something small yet, so beautiful .... This is a poem I'd like to share with everyone:

"From a chrysalis transforms into a Butterfly could be painful
But I learn to endure
Freedom for Love and Friendship has cost me too much
But I will never give up loving" ........................................... By Linda

Feel free to drop me a line or two, I welcome your comment and suggestion :)


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  1. good lighting n great colors ...love it ^^

  2. Thanks Macro for your kind words :)

  3. Linda, I also love our "flying flowers". Your photo is outstanding!

  4. Thanks Jean for your kind comment!


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