Monday, March 5, 2012

Horned Lark

Shore Lark (Eremophila alpestris) also called Horned Lark, got this name from their unique two black horns. They like mowed ground and eat mainly grass seeds and weed. You can see them at the most parts of country except where I live. There are about a little over 400 species residents and migrants occur in my state. But I have to travel over 60 miles to photograph this bird. For some reasons, these small songbirds found their favorite food at a place called "Bartow County Loop", Cartersville, Georgia, a birding Hot Spot!
The first thing caught your attention is their musical tinkling calls (click to hear their call. BTW, Do you know you can get an app call  iBIRD PRO from Android market and you will be able to hear all 924 North American species) and they sing very loud even when they forage on ground. Just follow the music and you find them. I also want to show you few images of this Bartow County Loop. Frankly I really don't like this place too much because this area has wind speed of 30 to 40 miles per hour during a normal winter day and it's not the best weather for photographing anything. But I have no choice because I love birds too much!!

(Bartow County Loop, scene #1 is really pretty here but just image standing here with wind speed of 30 mph ...I could barely hand hold my camera :DDD )

(Scene #2: Very peaceful place, right?...with a small farm house and mountain is just in your own backyard )

(Scene #3: Ok...actually my birding buddies Iris and Aija pointed this to me.  Do you know what really attract our attention? Not the hay bales but one Eastern Meadowlark :)) Can you see that?)

Finally, this trip could not made possible without my best friend Iris Schumacher's being a patient chauffeur and her great knowledge of birding by ears and, Aija Konrad being our trip guide and leading us through some very confusing country roads where GPS really did not work. Aija's great eyes spotted  three very camouflaged Wilson's Snipes and a road-side Red-Tailed Hawk (image is coming soon).  Iris stopped our car in the middle of the road so many times only for me to snap shots of Eastern Meadowlarks, Redheads and two American Kestrels though she blamed me for making too much noise and scared birds away. Thank guys and we all had a great time! Happy Birding!! -- Linda

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  1. Beautiful place ....i love the environment.Very peaceful .I wish pinky can bring me there ..tis is where i belong taste ^^


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