Thursday, March 8, 2012

International Women's Day - Northern Cardinal

(Click image to enlarge)
Everyone will agree that wild birds look the most striking in males. Surely I will not disagree you either. But do you know why most females look dull in colors? Because they carry a very important mission, to nest and carry their offspring. I photographed this female yesterday  and I think she is more than a cute bird....she is just gorgeous!!

Today is International Women's Day and I would like to share this image of  female Northern Cardinal with you and especially pay tribute to all hard working women, mothers and to those who stand in front of enemy line protect us and our country! Give your loved ones a call and tell her (them) how much you appreciate her/them even is just a "hi", can touch her/their heart :)

I appreciate your feedback,  suggestion and comment :) Happy Birding!! -- Linda

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