Monday, April 16, 2012

What A Wonderful World!

 If you are like me carrying camera everywhere I go, then you will understand why I believe Mother Nature constantly amazes us. Normally I try to steal few more hours of sleep during the weekends. But  I have to get up early Sunday morning to check out few of my favorite birding places for the sign of spring migration before going back to work in the afternoon. I spotted few migrating warblers and songbirds were busy building nests or feeding young. I was glad to see Purple Martins have returned their usual summer homes at Buford Trout Hatchery and there were about 30 pairs working very hard for their nests.

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Not having any satisfactory picture made me a little upset and thinking maybe I should stay home instead. Cruising back home, I checked out this roadside pond adjacent to an office building.  I was not prepared to see any thing unusual. Surprisingly, there was a suntanning Great Blue Heron!  Heron flew off to another side of the pond as soon as he spotted me. I did not want to give up and went behind the bird and tired to see if I could get a better shot. Then I stepped on something... A fire ant mound and before I even knew it, ants were all over my pants. If you have never suffered from a fire ant bite, trust me, you don't want to try.  I didn't want to exaggerate. But I think there were at least 20 or 30 more ants on my left leg. Without a second thought, I dropped my camera and ran to the lake and washed my left foot as much as I could, hopefully reduce the toxic venom. While waiting for my foot to dry  so I can put back on my boot and thinking today is just a bad day for me......Suddenly, I heard Canada Geese calling and I quickly scanned the pond and saw two adult geese swim towards me. As they got closer to the bank, I saw something so beautiful ... :)

This is not the first time I see goslings. But I do believe destiny brought me to witness a wonderful life. If I did not get that painful fire ant bite, I would not stay long enough to snap this picture. Do you believe your destiny?  -- Happy Birding!-- Linda

Note: This is an article I found for home remedy for fire ant bite and it works for me :) 


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  1. Awesome c them wit babies ...Dont get too close, or else i feel sorry for u :D

  2. LOL ..Macro! I will try to keep my distance and dont want to get bitten by ants and chased my geese :DDD


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