Sunday, April 1, 2012

Singing for Spring - Tufted Titmouse

If you are looking at this post, you know what is this bird doing, he is singing. I am very sure this Tufted Timouse (Beailophus bicolor) is a male. He is singing, chasing others away from his territory and brings food to his beloved mate. Titmice are very common in the east and southeast woodland regions and they are great singers (click link to hear some of their songs). They might not be the ones waking you up in the early morning, but they sure are the ones bring you a pleasant backyard chorus.

As spring migration is approaching in the early April (first week of April through 3rd week of May in the southeast of USA), pay attention to these titmice and chickadees, because you might spot some migrating warblers or orioles :) -- Happy Birding! -- Linda


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