Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Happy Day!

Bufflehead (hear their calls by clicking link), the smallest diving duck in North America, breeds mainly in Canada. They winter in the south part of United States and migrate to the breeding ground during April and May.  I always want to photograph this beautiful duck, unfortunately they are very shy and don't come close to human easily. I was crossing the Buford Dam of Lake Lanier on my way back from work and saw a Great-Blue Heron (GBH) standing near the shore and thinking maybe I'd be lucky enough to catch him fishing.

Male Bufflehead. Click image to view on black
As I walking down slowing towards west bank area, this tiny duck was swimming along the bank. When I put on my binoculars, I could not believe what I saw, "it's a Bufflehead", I screamed inside. If you are wondering how small this duck is. Let's say I think everyone knows Mallard duck. A Bufflhead is about half size of a Mallard and it measures from the tip of bill to the end of tail. Yes, after patiently waiting, I did snap this GBH with his huge fish and of course, this male Bufflehead. A happy day for me indeed and, for the duck :) -- Happy Birding! -- Linda

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