Monday, July 2, 2012

We are flightless chicks, but we are beautiful!

This post is a continuation of my last post, "Let's Go Frogging!". In order to snap all the young chicks of Green Heron together, I waited at the park for over 4 hours. It's well worthy.

Flightless Green Heron chicks. Click image to enlarge.
Their gathering reminds me this song by Sister Sledge ...
"we are family,I got all my sis n bro with me (I changed a little ..)
We are family, Get up ev'rybody and sing"

After snapping the crazy action of frog feeding, I was ready to go home and then overheard two Mallards calling out loud, not sure if they were fighting or playing. I walked down to see if something was wrong or maybe catch some action shots again. Suddenly, I saw this strange tree not having too much leaves left but there was a  movement on top of the tree. Due to low light, I could not tell if they were small birds or just squirrels. As soon as I raised my binoculars and could not believe what I was looking at ... a nest of three newborn chicks! I think they are 4 or 5 days old and can barely walk. I tried to snap few shots through those messily entangled branches. All shots failed :( .....

Newborn Green Heron Chicks ..under a very low light condition
Click image to enlarge

I was sweating like a nuts and very frustrated. I did not want to stay around the nest too long to catch predator's attention to these helpless newborn. Finally, I switched my camera to manual focus and managed to get this shot. It's not a perfect picture but they are perfect chicks in my heart :) I kept my distance till heron mom came back. On my way home, I was starving like a hungry wolf and my legs were too sore to stand for another minute but my heart's smiling.  -- Happy Birding! -- Linda

If you are curious about what I first saw, this is the view, lol! Follow the arrows
then you will find three chicks in this bushy tree :) .Click image to enlarge.

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