Friday, August 24, 2012


Every time when I see a nuthatch, I know this tiny bird is always trying to find something, nuts, insects, a mate or perhaps just its way of anticipation. This poem is inspired by this agile little bird who accompanied me during my supper. I hope you enjoy it! -- Linda  --

White-breasted Nuthatch (Sitta carolinensis) . Click image to enlarge

We never know what would happen tomorrow,
But we habituate to worry for nothing;
We leave a light on only to remind ourself,
The loved one might be late and would be late

Anticipation makes us desperate
Anticipation keeps us weary
Anticipation causes us losing control

When I ask you have you seen sunrise,
You say no because you're afraid of darkness;
Then I ask you to dance with me in the rain,
You say you prefer to stay inside.
What if I tell you dragonfly is the bringer of dawn, and
Rainbows build a bridge only for lovers alike

Maybe what we really should be doing is
Dance like nobody's watching
Chase rainbows before storm's passing
Live in each moment like we're dying

Anticipation makes us worry
Anticipation keeps us leary
Anticipation eventually makes us forget who we really are and what we really want


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  1. Stunning photo Ms Freedombird !

  2. Thanks Trevor! You know fall migration starts last week and I want to see if I can get this very rare species ..Golden-winged Warbler this week :)


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