Thursday, October 11, 2012

Birds In Flight - Northern Cardinal

If you live east of Texas, Northern Cardinal (Cardinalist cardinolis) will not be a stranger to you. Even a three years old kid, when spots this bird, will tell you, "Hey, look, it's a cardinal!". They are permanent residents at where they reside and they are the most frequent visitors to the backyard feeders. Since they are abundant, as you can image that birders or photographers will not rush to watch them or photograph them. Some birders at field trips will say" Oh, well, cardinal again ....nothing special." Really? Do you really think Northern Cardinals are not special?  I think they are very special even though I have taken hundreds of pictures of these birds, I still think they are one of the most beautiful birds in the east coast.

Northern Cardinal, male. Click image to enlarge

Have you paid attention to how cardinal crack seeds?" Or, have you watched how they feed their young? Or, have you noticed how cardinals land on a tree  or how they fly? I am sure you have. But I haven't and I did not pay great attention how cardinal acts until I caught their action inside my camera! Be able to fly is a symbol of freedom. Maybe cardinals are not as fierce as hawks, maybe cardinals can not soar like an eagle, and maybe cardinals are your common backyard birds and you stop "watching" them ...But I think they are special. They are the first birds greet us with their songs early morning and they are the last ones to leave when sun sinks below the horizon. Do you really think Northern Cardinals are not special? Think again! -- Happy Birding! -- Linda

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