Thursday, November 1, 2012

Likes attract likes- Common Kingfisher 翠鳥

There are so many places I'd like to visit and so many birds I would not want to miss. But there is one particular bird I really want to photograph, the Common Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis 翠鳥)! There are three kingfishers in north America but only Belted Kingfisher can be seen regularly. Since we don't have too many choices of kingfishers back home, photographing kingfishers is one of my goals of this visit. Though seven species of kingfisher have been documented in Taiwan, finding them are not so easy because they most likely can be heard and not so easily be seen. After a long, hot day photographing ducks and herons at Guandu Nature Park, I decided to take a lunch break. As I enjoying this beautiful afternoon, a cool breeze brought my attention to a small tree erecting in the middle of a small freshwater pond called "Moonlight Pond". Within few seconds, my attention was not on that tree any more. OMG! I almost dropped my sandwich and guess what? My dream bird was just sitting quietly in front of my eyes! Overjoyed, I tried to stay calm and snapped a lot of shots. After leaving park that afternoon, I remembered I left my half sandwich by the Moonlight Pond ...

Common Kingfisher (翠鳥 male). Click image to enlarge

I was hoping to find Common Kingfisher when I was flying. I was picturing how this beautiful bird hunts for his prey by diving to catch a small fish; how excited I would be when I see him perch on a tree; and how grateful I am if I could share his image with all birders alike. Do you believe "likes attract likes"?  You don't have to because that's the way how this world works - things you want, they want you!-- Happy Birding! -- Linda


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