Monday, November 5, 2012

Pure and Divine

A friend of mine sent me a photograph of  white water lily he captured in the late summer. I asked him if I would be able to see some water lilies when I visited Taipei in November. He was not promising.  I remembered there was a city garden full of lilies and lotus and that was a place dad used to take me for picnic. When I asked my sister to go with me, I was shocked to know that all those beautiful water lilies vanished from over-grown fighting fish and huge snails! Where were these invasive species from, I wondered. Apparently, some locals believe they want to save innocent fighting fish and dump fish into this lily pond. Others followed by also throwing their pets, the giant snails, into this pond. These fast growing fighting fish and the invasion of giant snails start biting roots of water lily and other aquatic plants, sadly, destroy entire water lily habitat. Well, another stupid mistake human has done to harm our environment with a cost...

Hardy Water Lily. Click image to enlarge

Oh, well, I guess I need to stick with birds and not to worry too much about these vanished water lilies. Few days ago, while chasing two Eurasian Magpies, I climbed over a river dam and could not believe what I saw in front of my eyes.... a lily pond next to the levee! Did those magpies know what I was searching and lead me to something my heart has been longing for? Or, was it merely a coincidence? The truth is there is no coincidence. A remarkable concurrence is the manifestation of  great intention with a prepared mind, especially for something this beautiful!

Mother's love is like a Water Lily, pure and divine. Mother's love is unconditional and she never asks anything in return. Mother's love is godsend and she is the guardian across time and space. Hardy Water Lily blooms in the morning and closes in the afternoon. It was near dusk that day so I returned the next morning to photograph this flower. Mum loves flowers and she does not know there is a lily pond near her residence. I told her I will take her out for breakfast in the morning and she has no idea why. - Linda

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