Sunday, December 2, 2012

Taiwan Barbet, 五色鳥

The completion of MRT, a metro railroad transportation system of Taipei, not only does it bring convenience for locals here, it makes this big, crowded city friendlier. I was invited by a local bird club to their birding trips but I was not sure if I should be going out so soon after my operation. I hear bird calling every morning outside my bedroom window so I could not help but sneak out like a teenager...With four experienced trip leaders, we saw 38 species in a short three hours. I was just wow and wow one bird after another. Among all birds I saw, a colorful bird, local birders called it "Five-colored Bird",五色鳥, really caught my eyes!

Taiwan Barbet, photographed in New Taipei City, Taiwan. 
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Taiwan Barbet (Magalaima nuchalis), a subspecies of Black-browed Barbet, inhabits tropical and subtropical forests. They like to forage on top of canopy and will excavate a nesting hole in a tree. They are commonly distributed through out middle and east coast of Taiwan. Their colorful head with yellow, blue, red and black makes them to be a photogenic subject for photography. Its well-camouflaged green plumage makes them harder to be seen.  Listen to their loud calls (click link to hear its call notes from Macaulay Library), that was how I found him :) Happy Birding! -- Linda

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