Thursday, January 31, 2013

Between The Raindrops - Pine Warbler

New Year's day was a pouring, cold and gloomy day. After replenishing all my feeders, I set up my camera and wondered where were all my birds gone. This male Pine Warbler (Setophaga pinus) showed up as soon as rain temporarily stopped. I was just so excited to know that I was not the only one waiting in the rain. Like most of warblers, Pine Warbler is insectivorous. From their name, you can guess that they are always high up on top of the Pine Tree foraging insects and normally it's hard to see them. Occasionally, they will come down to ground. If you have a good pair of ears, you probably hear them more often than seeing one.  Their songs, easily confused with Chipping Sparrow's in some degree. But if you listen carefully, Pine Warbler's calls (click link to hear sound) are musical trills. Male as shown in this post, is bright yellow, female and immature are much duller. They are also one of very few warblers breed in the southeast region. I hope this guy enjoy the suet cake I made for him :)

Pine Warbler, Setophaga pinus

I don't care much about rain, snow or storm; and can not recall when is the last time I clean my nest; and I only eat enough to flap my wings. Have you heard that the things you do on the New Year day will carry out to the entire year?  I snapped the whole day! -- Happy Birding! -- Linda

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