Saturday, March 30, 2013

Truth about the life - Great Egret

I have been debating myself if I want to post this image. Most of us like to see things young, beautiful, powerful and peaceful. But do you know in order to get big, beautiful and ready to fly for freedom and ready to mate for life, they have to fight with their own siblings from the day one they are born! Older hatchling will kill the younger ones or throw them out of the nest in order to get all the food! OMG! When I first arrived to this park, I was overwhelmed with such a big egret colony all over the park and saw many big white spots on grass and did not pay much attention to them....then I found out a brutal truth about the nature :( ...There are at least 7 or 8 dead chicks in this small park and no one even seemed to care to pick up their small bodies. They were left there cold and unloved sad...

Dead Great Egret chick

While snapping breeding adults and nesting pairs, I noticed this poor thing, about 7 to 10 days old, hid herself behind a small bush ...she was pushed out by her siblings and if her parents did not find her to feed her, she will eventually starve to death like all other chicks dissipated before they even know the taste of fish, the love of a mate and the pleasure of flying........ I really wanted to grab this egret chick and bring her home and thought, "would she be happy to stay with me? Or, she'd rather be reborn to a great hawk, fly freely and soar high for the love of flying? " ....I left her alone there....

7 to 10 days old Great Egret chick, Winter Park, Florida

Finally, I photographed this Great Egret (Ardea alba) at Winter Park, one of the prime breeding grounds in the southeast United States. Great Egrets hunt in heron's fish pond or stand motionless and patiently wait for this prey.  They were hunted for their beautiful breeding feathers in the late 19th century for women's hats and nearly facing extinction. Due to conservation effort by bird lovers, their number has been sustained. Great Egret's graceful mating display is one of the most dazzling courtship among birds. With on and off rain this day, FreedomBird also patiently waited at this park, hoped to see some interesting display ...Now you know why I love breeding season, rain or shine ;) Have a safe and peaceful holiday weekend! -- Linda.

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