Thursday, April 11, 2013

More kisses - House Finches

House Finches. Male is the one to the right
House Finches are never loners. They are very sociable and you often see them at feeders. I hung a feeder outside my office window so I don't get bored from gazing my computer monitor. Many birds visit this seed feeders throughout the day, such as Eastern Bluebirds, Chipping Sparrows, Northern Cardinals, warblers, Red-bellied woodpeckers and even Brown-headed Cowbirds.  While a bluebird chasing a cowbird away from his territory, this male House Finch showed his lady what a handsome bird he really is. I happened to have my camera on stand by mode and caught a short video and like to share with you.

Interesting fact: Males feed females in a display that begins with the female fluttering her wings and pecking on his beak. The male simulates regurgitating food to the female several times before actually feeding her, it's like kind of teasing I think :)  This aggressive male sings day and night and finally his effort got paid off, he got the girl! It's a very short footage and enjoy it! Happy birding! -- Linda

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  1. We watch this play out on our feeders, too. "Our" male also has a display in which he jumps over the female back and forth from one of her sides to the other on our balcony railing while singing. She ducks down a bit and watches him hopping over her head! By they way, we're in the Florida Keys right now and covered up with Ospreys!


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