Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Dove's Angel

My sister-in-law volunteers at Isis's (Isis is my youngest niece, she just turned 7) school as a story-telling mom, once a week for the first graders. She always selects some animal-related stories and tells kids about love and friendship. This week she tells a story, "A Dove's Angel" and the story comes...

 An old mason named Angelo (in Italian) , tries to repair a church roof. He normally doesn't like birds because they nest on roof and that makes his job more difficult. One day, he found a wounded dove and started caring for it and named her, Silvia. Friendship established between old man and his dove. As months gone by, not only did he worry not be able to finish his work for church due to his deteriorating health, he worried Silvia not be able to find a roosting place when winter comes. Finally, Angelo completed his work for church and still had trouble figuring out how to take care his darling dove. One day, old mason got an idea, he brought all his tools, rushed to church and returned home after midnight. Angelo held his dove in his arms and went to sleep that night..... Next day morning, his coworkers found out old mason passed away in his sleep. Many years later, when church needs a repair again, a young mason went on to the roof and found out a small nest made of putty, something written in the bottom of that nest, " To Silvia, thank you"

Angelo in English means "Angel".

Oriental Turtle Dove (Streptopelia orientalis), Guandu Nature Park, Taiwan
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 Note:  Often time, one thing (or one person) we dislike the most maybe try to teach us a lesson. We hardly spend time to understand the reasoning until it's too late. We are too busy making money to support our family or our own material needs therefore neglect or disregard those who are close to our heart. That could be our parents, children, the significant other or that could be our pets, the rose bush or that cypress tree we planted when we bought our dream home. Albert Einstein said once, " Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better". When life is abundant, be thankful and grateful; when things are not going well, we have very little or lost everything we had, we still have each other. She'll never let us down and she is always here for us. She is the Mother Nature. Nature rules and nature heals.

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