Monday, August 26, 2013

Angel Flys! White-tailed Kite

Have you seen kites swoop above your head about 10 feet tall? With my tight schedule, my mother and I made a quick visit to Half Moon Bay area only to see these White-tailed Kites (Elanus leucurus). By the time, we arrived there, I found out I left my battery at hotel! OMG!  I took water, mother, my camera bag, tripod and sunscreen, but I missed the most important part of the camera, its battery!  How can I be so forgetful? Watching White-tailed Kites soaring and vibrating their wings above the sea, I was so upset and only sighed. I wanted to find a camera story and there was non in Half Moon Bay! I was in a small shopping center asked a patron and she did not know what I was talking about :(  The only way for me to capture this kite was to fly back to hotel in the speed of light and returned to the kite location and luckily, more kites came back! By the time I finished snapping after three hours, mum asked me "are you hungry, Linda?" ..While playing back my camera and I said to mum,  " we have lunch?" Birds come the first, everything else can wait! That's how much I love bird! Mum made me a delicious sandwich because she knows I always forget to eat when I snap :)

White-tailed Kite, Half Moon Bay, California

I would not be able to find and photograph this beautiful bird without my friend, a master photographer, Jerry Ting's great input and recommendation. Thanks Jerry! I will definitely return to this wonderful habitat very soon. This is also a lifer for me!!! Yeah!!   More photos to come :)

Happy Birding! --Linda

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