Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Art of Sitting! The Ruby-throated Hummingbird

 I have written over a dozen of posts regarding the bird I love the most, hummingbird, especially Ruby-throated Hummingbird! Ruby-throated is the only hummingbird breed in the east coast of North America. Most people don't really notice these tiny birds if they are not birders. Even birders, if they don't pay attention to listen, it's hard to catch a glimpse of these speedy flying birds. Linda's backyard is full of glittering hummers these days.  I admit that my nectar feeders definitely attract their visit. But do you also know that September and October are the migration months that thousands of hummingbirds (and many other migratory birds) travel through Southeastern states to their winter home in central and south America. Putting up nectar feeders definitely help to refuel these tiny travelers. My last two males left on the 5th of September, females and young ones will linger a little bit longer.

Click image to enlarge ...are you putting your nectar feeder out?

Young male Ruby-throated Hummingbird as you can see few red gorget feathers coming out already. Someone told me once that it's hard to be a good birder and a good photographer at the same time. I just love birds :)

After chasing other hummers away, this young male came back and sat at his favorite branch :)

Birds in flight definitely is a beautiful visual sensation for the most birdwatchers. Comparing to BIF, perching or sitting on a tiny branch might not be too exciting.  Birds surprise us in every possible way. A friend of mind told me wildlife photographer is a lonely road. We might snap alone, but we definitely are not lonely. If you are willing to sit and wait for a while, you might see something amazing even in one of the smallest birds in the world :) --- Happy Birding! -- Linda

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