Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Conserving Georgia's Nongame Wildlife Program

What a great news to know that Georgia's governor, Nathan Deal signed House Bill 881 INTO law on April 14, 2014 at Jekyll Island!

"The legislation rolls back the cost of buying or renewing a wildlife plate to $25 and dedicates more than 75 percent of fees to the Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division programs that depend on them. Passed in this year’s General Assembly and sponsored by Rep. Bubber Epps (R-Dry Branch) and Sen. Jeff Mullis (R-Chickamauga), the changes are scheduled to take effect July 1." 
Read full report here .

One of three new tags. Image source : DNR website

I would like to give many thanks and great appreciation to all DNR peronnel and to the ones who support and to pass this House Bill 881 (what a lucky number of A DOUBLE 8) and with DNR Tim Keyes to send out this great news to all of us this morning! During my lunch break, I did a quick read for all the links Tim sent out in his email and I got few questions in my mind, "How does DNR conduct their research and work to protect these species and their natural habitats?" and " Where does the funding go towards educational and conservational purpose?"   ...and I thought if you are like me, care for birds, wildlife and native plants and flowers, you will be so proud to know that the majority of all the money we donate to this nongame program or purchase and/or renew your wildlife car tag will go towards to this nongame wildlife program to protect 318 species that are endangered or near threatened. This is the link that will provide you a very good knowledge how Georgia DNR use the funding to protect Georgia's plants and animal species, including the birds we love the most such as protecting American Oystercatcher's nest on the Georgia coast and to restoring Sandhill Crane's habitat with prescribed fire just southwest of Macon and to re-establish over 160,000 acres Southern Pine forest for Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers.

2013 Fiscal Year Report -

 It is very interesting in knowing that maybe this is a very small amount of money, or maybe it is too small to even think about it...buying/renewing a wildlife plate for $25. I read that $20 of each new purchase or $19 of each renewal will go towards helping wildlife! I hope I can buy more than one plates but Country tag office told me one tag per car :)

Press release -

There are total 5 wildlife plates. Three new plates can be found via this link

One of three new plates. Image source: DNR Website

As a birder and wildlife lover, I would like to encourage all of you, birders, non-birders, friends and family of birders and non-birders, or flowers and plant lovers....all of you who love nature and wildlife to purchase a new plate for this year! The Wildlife Resources Division's Nongame Conservation Program receives no state funding to conserve Georgia's rare and endangered species and other nongame wildlife, as well as native plants and their habitat. Our contribution today will determine if we will see these beautiful birds, animals and the native plants in the future. Your small contribution will make a BIG difference! Just like the Hummer plate says " Give Wildlife A Chance".

I welcome you share this page to all your friends alike. Let's work togehter to make a difference, even it is so small, so insignificant.  It's because these insignificant efforts that you do that makes a person great :)\

Happy Birding! -- Linda


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  1. Can i have GO HUMMER as my number plate? Im kind of love that name.It gives me good memories of someone.

  2. Definitely Little Hummer! I wish you are happy, successful and prosperous in whatever you might do in you life :) Take care!


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