Thursday, March 26, 2015

Singing Spring

Living in a country with prominent four season makes everyone eager to welcome spring. I live in the southeast corner of United States. You might think weather must be perfect living in the south. Wrong. In the past few years, we had many snow storms and freezing roads during January and February. It's not a surprise if we have below freezing temperature in March. The first thing aroused my senses was hearing an Eastern Towhee singing in the first day of spring! What a beautiful morning to be awakened by the sounds of bird! I jumped out of bed and set up my camera and ready to capture their display. But it was still too early to photograph since this country started something called "Day Light Saving Time". The time has been "manipulated" by human to be one hour earlier than the real time, the purpose is to, hopefully, save some power usage.  So I went ahead to enjoy a peaceful breakfast.

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When morning has broken, this male Pine Warbler (Setpphaga pinus) tried  to sing his heart out to impress his lady. And he impressed me too. What a wonderful treat to hear a wild warbler sing just about 10 feet from me! Do you "hear" spring too? -- Happy Birding! - Linda

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